Home Compostable Wrappers - Vegan Protein Range

our eco transition

Blue Dinosaur's future is Home Compostable. Five years in the making we are very excited to release our first 3 bars in zero waste packaging. We are seeing all of the major retailers phasing out single use plastics and some states banning their use. We believe the socially active Millennials aka 'the green generation' (our people) are moments away from demanding this from the brands they engage with. 

Home Compostable - Going First

No brand or product in the snack bar/ protein space has made the inevitable transition away from single use plastics. We will be the first snack bar brand with national ranging to implement home compostable wrappers on our Vegan Protein Bar range. 

Zero Waste

Blue Dinosaur's Vegan Protein Bar range is wrapped in 100% Organic and plant-based packaging which is tested to decompose in your home compost bin in 26 weeks, leaving no toxic residues - just nutrient dense soil. 

Why Home Compostable

Our eco-friendly packaging is only made from natural materials – trees and plants. Our independently certified home compostable packaging will break down to CO2, H2O, and biomass, back into soil, free of chemicals and toxins! Traditional soft plastics & degradable plastics are made using petrochemicals and can take up to 1000 years to break down or leave harmful micro-plastics in the environment. 

Click HERE to see the range.

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