...a bold and slightly confusing claim to hang our hats on, but it's why we're (better) different to the rest. In its most simple form; Hand = made by hand in our gluten free bakeries. Baked = when we're finished blending, rolling & pressing the ingredients we stick the trays in the oven and bake them like you would a croissant. 

We believe in simple real food ingredients & would never take the shortcut of adding "natural flavours" (laboratory made flavour additive - worth a google), preservatives or binders, when you can use seasonal whole food ingredients that deliver not only the macros but the flavour & taste when you manufacture every product with care and a hand-baked process!

Our Custard Bar wrappers can be placed in your home-compost where they will gone back to the earth in 26 weeks!
Think custard made from scratch. Egg-yolky, vanillary, nostalgia!
Of course, we think they are all winners and hold their own in their respective lineup, but this is not about us, it’s about you and what your fellow healthy snacker smashes the most of.

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