Convenient custard. In our constant pursuit to make your favourite bakery goods pocket-friendly, we’ve broken through yet another glass ceiling and brought forth yet another reality beyond the imagination of mere everybodies. Thanks to us, you can now eat custard at the beach. Words I’ll bet you never thought you’d read in a lifetime, let alone today. Elon can have Mars, we’ll keep expanding the boundaries of reality right here on Earth. And the taste you ask? Think custard made from scratch. Egg-yolky, vanillary, nostalgia in a home-compostable wrapper.

zero waste packaging!

We believe the future is Home Compostable. We're talking - eat your bar and stick the wrapper right in with your food scraps home compostable, where the worms get a feed too! This Limited Edition Custard Bar wrapper is 100% organic and plant-based packaging which is tested to decompose in your home compost bin in 26 weeks, leaving no toxic residues - just nutrient dense soil!