A firefighter, a tourism events manager, and a pro surfer walked into a health food store…

We’re not really sure how this business came about, or how it is that we still exist… We’re not pro-chefs, we’re not even that great at cooking. Seriously, we bake bars so simple a 4-year-old with their eyes shut could make them. 

But this is our story, in a nutshell:

I, Mike, firefighter and all round top bloke with the smouldering good looks of Brad Pitt and the coolly distant wit of Bill Murray, got sick of buying snack food only to have it taste nothing like the description on pack and make my stomach feel as though I’d swallowed a bag of nails. So, I started making my own bars with a very simple philosophy: go and buy the best ingredients I can, blend them together, bake them like a cake, and wrap them up so I can keep them in my pocket. 

Soon after, my wife Tina, noticed our grocery bills had grown by 10x as I very quickly started feeding all my gym friends and, if we didn’t start selling these bars, we’d soon be on the street. She jumped on board and together we started our little company: “Blue Dinosaur”.

Demand took off. We were baking all our bars at home, with pizza ovens in the spare bedrooms and postage parcels lining the hallways. Life was hectic but we loved our late-night baking sessions.

In 2013 we were introduced to Jarrad, a man who brought an outward look to Blue Dinosaur that reflected our ethos and our desire to do better. Now we had a brand. 

In a world of rabid health claims, we didn’t play along. We never preyed on people’s fears and, instead, we focussed on the joy of eating simple, good food. I can safely say that our collagen hasn’t made me any more beautiful, but I don’t care. We use ingredients that are real. And we use collagen simply because it’s good for you.

We started Blue Dinosaur to be a whole new option of healthy snacking. Little hand-baked snacks consisting of very few ingredients which taste as good as your Nan’s cooking and can fit in your pocket. We eat food because it’s food, and we make good food to be just that, good food.

Oh and why did we choose the name Blue Dinosaur? That was nothing more than fulfilling a promise I made to my best mate when I was 14; if either one of us were to start a business, that business would be named Blue Dinosaur. So, as I am a man of my word, that's what I did.