Crash & burn or thrive. Where are you getting your energy?

Energy, fuel, carbs, cals; What should we be eating to thrive?

 Image by Murray Fraser @sproutdaily

Energy, fuel, carbs, cals; we all have a different name for this vital part of our daily sustenance and a varying opinion on their importance in our overall health and nutrition. And, that is ok! With different lifestyle goals, sports and the ways we choose to move it’s important that you know how much energy needs to go in, so you can function at your peak mentally and physically doing what makes you happy. The big one for me is not ‘how many cals are in this product’, but ‘where are they coming from; what is the source of this energy?’. 

Samantha Gash by Nic Morley @nics_mindset

Finding the best snack for you

As someone with a new family and a greater appreciation of time management who tries to move for at least 60 mins a day, convenient snacks are my go to when i’m running out the door to lift the heart rate. Bananas are great, but there is just something a little more enjoyable if you find the right bar, with the right ingredients (has to taste good too) to give me the energy boost I need to keep my mind sharp, catch more waves, or push a little harder in a workout. When I say ‘right bar’ I'm talking about something with real food ingredients that are not processed within an inch of their lives. The wrong bar I've found can have the opposite effect; crash & burn.

 Samantha Gash by Nic Morley @nics_mindset

Convenient health foods

Health food is a pretty loose term these days, convenience is high on our priority list (even if we don’t fully acknowledge it) and we’re busier than ever and trying to balance work, life and our overall well being. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between quality & crap; if you just grabbed any product off the shelf in the health food aisle on face value (without reading back-of-pack), lured by bold claims, you’d be forgiven for consuming something that is over processed with all kinds of weird ingredients, numbers and preservatives posing as good for you. Not to mention underwhelming to eat. Convenient healthy food (snacks included) do not have to taste like a mouth full of overly sweet (but ironically ‘sugar free’), date-y, ‘natural-flavoured’ dirt, that is just laziness and shortcuts from a manufacturer doing their best to win the only race that you never want to win; the race to the bottom! Not to mention letting down the people they are making them for.

Samantha Gash by Nic Morley @nics_mindset

Nutritious food which is full of good energy can be found in a packet. Look for simple real food ingredients that your body craves, they will give you the boost you’re after to smash the game of life!

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