Meet Nedd Brockmann

Meet Nedd Brockmann

Blue Dinosaur is stoked to be supporting Nedd on his epic journey!

If you have spotted his signature mullet and huge happy grin on socials or 7's Sunrise and are already following along, like us at Blue Dinosaur you are likely glued to your device every afternoon waiting for his daily update, then furiously typing a message of support; “Just a king doing king things!, LFG Ned.”


Nedd Brockman describes himself as a ‘young tradie trying to change the world’ and by world he’s talking about the world of Homelessness. Back in 2020 when we were all bingeing Netflix during Covid Nedd ran 50 marathons in 50 days – raising just under $100K for the Red Cross to help homeless people. 

Nedd's Record Run

It’s 2022, and he’s taken it up another notch - a new world record. Nedd intends to break the world record for the fastest crossing of Australia – 100 km a day from Cottesloe Beach to Bondi Beach for 40 days – the equivalent of nearly 100 marathons. 


This year, the goal is not just to complete the run but to also raise $1,000,000 for We Are Mobilise and encourage Australians to don their shoes, get moving and join him in hitting the streets across the nation.

We caught up with Nedd the week before he set off for Perth to grab some insights & vision before his mind boggling run across the country!

Blue Dinosaur is pumped to be supporting Nedd and his team as he takes on this history-making record run across Australia. 

You can support and follow Nedd on Instagram - Strava and website.

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