Lizzie Welborn - Surf Ironwomen & Channel of the Bones conquerer!

Meet Lizzie Welborn, current No 2 Pro Surf Ironwomen

Lizzie is one of those awesome people that when you spend time with them you come away feeling a little better about your day. She oozes positivity, has a passion for the next generation of female Iron athletes and is determined to reach the top of the sport she's done for over a decade. If you bumped into Lizzie on the beach she's likely to have a few pieces of discarded rubbish in her hand, doing her bit to leave the place she loves the most better than she found it. If you bump into Lizzie in the water it would likely be the last you see of her as she flies past you on her ski, board or swimming. On the eve of Round's 3 & 4 of the Nutri Grain Iron Series we caught up with Lizzie to get the lowdown on life in the brine!

Your name and what you do?Β 

Lizzie Welborn - Surf Ironwoman and paddle boarder

What does the perfect day (doing your sport) look like to you?

My favourite training day is Saturday, as it is the only day where we only have one session and we get it done first thing in the morning (every other day we have 2/3 sessions). On a perfect day it would be a warm morning, and an incredible sunrise welcoming us onto the beach. It would be still, crystal clear water with a lovely 3 foot wave rolling in. We would do our session and then all go out for coffee and breakfast after the hard yards are done.

Taking the W in the first event of the season.

When was the last time you experienced something like that? (perfect day) & can you give us an insight?

Any time I get to go down to the ocean and it is hot and the water is clear, it has been a perfect day for me. It fills me with so much joy because I have such an appreciation for the beauty of the ocean. I am always saying to my teammates "we could be in the Maldives right now!!".

What age were you & how did you get into (your sport)?

I was 12 when I started nippers and 16 when I made my first professional Ironwoman series, I am one of the youngest woman to ever qualify.

That winning feeling!

Do you have a specific career highlight that stands out above the rest?

Making the series so young was definitely one of my greatest achievements, proving that I could manage school and accomplish my dreams at the same time. Recently, a highlight was coming third in the ironwoman series in 2021. It was such a close battle between me and two other girls and I loved the ferociousness of it. *Since completing this Q&A for us late last year, Lizzie has gone on to win 2 Ironwomen events & is currently ranked 2nd overall on the Nutri-Grain Series.Β 

What is the ultimate goal you are looking to achieve in your sport?

I would love to win an ironwoman series title, it has been a goal of mine since I made the series.

Is there anything specific you are currently working on, or need to work on to achieve that goal?

Strength and speed are the two main things I always need to work on, I have lost way too many races because of a sprint up the beach! But I am always looking for ways to improve every aspect of my training and racing, there is always something that I can work on.

That post run, swim, coffee, Blue Dinosaur bar glow

Who inspires you to chase your dreams every day?

I really look up to all the greats in our sport and am determined to be there with them. I am also inspired by my family who support me in what I do.

Do you have a favourite Blue Dinosaur Bar or Bite?

Peanut butter chocolate protein bar 100%%%

Lizzie's favourite snack - Peanut Butter Bars! (formally Vegan Protein).Β 

If you could create our next Bar, what would it be?

Vegan brownie bar

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