Pocket Pastries - Limited Edition!


“There’s a time and a place for cake and doughnuts” 

We’ve all heard that before and, power to my mum, she was right. Riding my pushy home from Coles was neither the time, nor the place, to scoff an entire $3 mud cake and, try as I might, finishing a microwaved Jam Doughnut in any less than 30 minutes just wasn’t feasible without requiring a post-doughnut tongue graft. So we, in our quest to make the world a better place, set out to make cake and doughnuts “all-the-time" foods!

Introducing our pocket pastries:

Jam Doughnut – A creamy base of coconut, vanilla, and dates, combined with a deep red layer of strawberry, strawberry and more strawberry, to make the healthiest, most convenient Jam Doughnut you’ll ever eat.


Cinnamon Scroll – We make our base by combining the smokey (scrolly) warmth of roasted almond butter with the caramel of dates and a truck load of cinnamon. Then we press golden raisins and coconut sugar on top to recreate the infamous filling of a Cinnamon Scroll.

Mud Cake – Dutch Cocoa, dates, vanilla, and coconut blended together to make our dense Mud Cake, with our cocoa and maple syrup icing mix spread on top. Mud Cake has always been decadence epitomised, and this little cake is no different.
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