Top 3 Hike Trails for Beginners in Each State


Whether it’s for the exercise, the view at the end or just fun time with friends. These are some of the best hikes for each state in Australia. From moderate to easy, all hikes can be done under 3 hours so you can start in the morning and have the afternoon to recover. Be sure to stock up your backpack full of some nutritional bars….we know of some good ones… So pop on those hiking boots, pop on that hat and get exploring what Australia has to offer!


  1. Yarra Bend Park Loop

    This lovely one is a good one to start out with if you are just starting to get into hiking. Close to the CBD, you just need to travel 4km outside of the city and you can explore an immersive nature and wildlife experience. So put the dog on the lead or grab a group of friends and go for a fun nearby hike with a cafe at the end of it, can’t get more Melbourne than that!

  2. Sherbrooke Falls via Ridge, Moores Break and Lloyds Track

    Open all year round you can explore this hike in all 4 seasons and see what nature truly has to offer. Unfortunately our 4 legged friends cannot join and it can get quite busy on the weekends, so either get there early or enjoy a week day hike.

  3. Lyrebird Walk, Neuman, Paddy, Welch and Coles Ridge Loop

    Enjoy a fern gully and dense rainforest in this unique hike. Do a good stretch before and after as the hills can be quite brutal on the calves but so worth it when you’ve got all of mother nature’s wildlife around you.



    1. Spit Bridge to Manly Wal

      Whether you live nearby or travelling from outer state this is a great scenic hike that is a point to point one that is open all year round. Sure you can do Bondi to Coogee but this one will be less busy. So if you’re in it for the exercise try this one out, just make sure to wear a hat and sunscreen especially in the summer!

    2. Grand Canyon Track

      The perfect spring/summer hike that takes you to unreal views of the world heritage listed landscape. So chuck on those comfy sneakers or hiking boots and enjoy this incredible hike with gorgeous views that’ll make all your friends jealous when you share it on your socials.

    3. Warrimoo Track to Bobbin Head Track via Sphinx Memoria

      A great day trip out from the hustle and bustle of the city, this hike is an easy one to do with friends. Lots of the feedback on this hike is to do it counter-clockwise and don’t forget to enjoy the sphinx memorial, it makes for a quite unique hike.


      1. Mount Coot-tha Loop

        Close to the city and dog-friendly, this a match made in heaven for a perfect day of hiking. With perfect views of the city landscape, it makes for a lovely hike at either sunrise or sunset.

      2. Mount Ngungun Summit Track

        While this is a good one for beginners it can get quite challenging which makes it all the more thrilling. Slippery after rain, it’s suggested to do this one when it’s dry out. With gorgeous 360 views on top of the mountain, it’s recommended to go early to beat the crowd and plus you get to enjoy the colour changing sky during sunrise. 

      3. Pages Pinnacle

        Download the offline map for this one as it can be hard to tell which direction to head towards. Extra hot during the summer, it’s suggested to either go in the early morning or wait till the cooler months. As long as it isn’t foggy you can enjoy spectacular views of Hinze Dam and the Gold Coast!


        1. Crater Lake, Marions Lookout, Lake Lilla, Dove Lake Loop

          If there is one thing Tasmania is known for is the breathtaking views of nature, it is hard to choose just 3 hike trails and even harder to find ones under 3 hours. This hike takes just over 3 hours, by 3 minutes. But it is worth it just for the views alone. You won’t be able to even notice the great burning pain of your legs when you’re done.

        2. Wineglass Bay Lookout

          If you’re visiting Tassie then this hike HAS to be on your list of to do’s. Picturesque views of Wineglass Bay, this easy to do hike takes just over an hour to do. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Just make sure you go early to miss the crowds as it is very popular amongst locals and tourists. Once you’ve completed it you’ll understand why.

        3. Fluted Cape Walk

          A moderately easy hike that can be done in just over 2 hours. Gorgeous all year round, it has great views of the Tasman Peninsula cliff-lines and an abundance of wildlife all around you. Just be sure to wear appropriate shoes as it can get quite slippery when wet, and close to the cliffs so stay safe and enjoy the hike.


        1. Kings Canyon Rim and Creek Walks via Cotterills Lookout

          If you’re looking for a hike that isn’t walking around the base of Uluru, which of course is wonderful to do, then we suggest this moderate to easy hike. The drive out from Alice Springs is beautiful and the hike is even better. It’s a well maintained trail that can be done all year round, it’s even suggested the best time of day for it is just before sunrise so you can enjoy spectacular views. 

        2. Pound Walk Loop via Ormiston Gorg

          Located in West Macdonnell Ranges this hike is a joyous one with a gorge and creek crossing, so wear appropriate shoes or be prepared to get a bit wet. There is lots to explore on this one, so if you’re not in a rush, take your time and enjoy the great outback and it's beautiful scenery.
        3. Edith Falls Plunge Pools via Leliyn Trail

          An easy and short walk but worth it especially if you’re visiting Katherine. Plus you can have a plunge in the natural pool, so how can you say no to this hike? It’s even highly recommended that you make it to the upper pool for sunset, with acclaimed views of the NT.


        1. Kookaburra Rock Loop via Yurrebilla Trail

          Rocky climbs and steep climbs this is quite the moderate hike that is just outside of Adelaide. It takes just under 2 hours to complete this loop. You will find yourself enjoying views from the hills and enjoy waterfalls and creeks along the hike. Quite the popular hike so either go early on a weekend or go during a weekday to enjoy it without a crowd.

          2. Mount Lofty Summit via Chinamans Hut Track

          Quite the long hike, taking just under 3 hours to complete but there’s a cafe at the top of Mount Lofty so you can regenerise and finish it after a break. And nothing like getting to enjoy a view of the city and nature with wildlife all around you to make for a great day.

          3. Yellowtail Loop

          A moderate hike that also encompasses historical ruins that you can explore and learn about, this makes for quite a unique hike. Be sure to keep your head up so you can spot those kangaroos jumping around you and if you look even further up you are sure to spot a koala or two in the trees. 


        1. Whistlepipe Gully and Lesmurdie Falls Loop

          Close enough to Perth to go on this hike on a weekend and just over 2 hours to complete, it is just ONE of the million hikes in the state that you HAVE to do. It has great views of the city and enough wildlife and nature to completely immerse yourself in the great outdoors.

          2. Zamia Trail

          Dog friendly, views of the beach and beautiful nature - this hike hits all the benchmarks for a perfect beginners hike. With a great variety of incline and decline and only 5km in length, the loop is an enjoyable hike that is quite popular amongst fellow hikers.

          3. Bells Rapid Loop

          A hike with rapids and rivers, it makes for more than just your usual Aussie nature hike. Make sure to download the map as there is no reception, so best to go with a group of friends that are also keen to get exploring and enjoying hikes. This one takes just over 2 hours, and dogs are welcomed too, they can even go off the lead at some points, how wonderful is that!
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