Traversing the Great Himalayan Trail

Resilience In Motion

Dr Jessie Ling & Sam Gash

For us mortals, the thought of embarking on a 1000 Mile run across the Great Himalayan Trail seems like a great documentary to consume on a Sunday night after a big weekend of outdoor activities - then we meet Samantha Gash & Jessie Ling, two crazy accomplished and driven women who decided that Nepal's amazing trails and peaks would be the backdrop for their (latest) mission to create awareness and funds for 2 epic causes - World Vision & Movember

Sam & Jessie knew it was going to be tough, but nothing could have prepared them for this!

Like all good yarns, this one has twists and turns, destruction and heart-ache. In the spirit of Resilience In Motion Sam & Jessie we're possibly more prepared than anyone else on the planet (mentally) for the unseasonal deluge of rain that caused landslides, completely blocked their path and caused them to be stranded with the Nepalese & other travellers for 13 days. 

Food, new friends and a muddy airstrip!

An excerpt from Sam's instagram - "We left our second home, aka the airport, and made our way down through a stony village surrounded by rooftops of drying chillies and corn plantations. Entering the Shey Phoksundo National Park we faced our more usual delays of navigating checkpoints (army and police), new “fees” that pop up, and the continual theme of no one thinks two women should venture into these trails on their own. All via charade & our limited but growing Nepali".

Sam & Jessie on the climb.

More resilience & wisdom from Sam & Jesse - "We are not quite half way through our traverse of Nepal but what’s already so clear is that by embarking on an undertaking far beyond our known we’ve already discovered so much.

About our capacity to persevere through repeated setbacks.

About life in rural Nepal and the challenges faced for women here.

About focusing on the controllable & your mindset when there are many changing variables around you. E.g - honing into the basics is always the key!"

Always smiling!

Blue Dinosaur were lucky enough to be invited on the epic journey as official 'non-perishable, healthy snack partner', fuelling the girls while in Nepal and doing our bit to raise awareness to the causes as well as some money - We created the 'Resilience In Motion Bundle' with 4 of our best selling boxes from which $10 from every box is being donated to Sam & Jessie's causes. 

More than a run.

After 36 days active on the trail, 13 days stranded, 46295 total elevation gained and 965 kms travelled and 2 months in Nepal Sam summed up like this " You reach these finishing lines and you think you’ll have this defined sensation. In reality it’s a combination of several emotions; satisfaction, excitement, relief, exhaustion, pride & joy". We could not be more proud of Sam & Jessie and everything they have done and will continue to do with Resilience In Motion!

To support their causes you can buy the Bundle here and donate here & here!

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