NEDD BROCKMANN - 3953km, 500 Blue Dinosaur Bars!

Nedd Brockmann - Just kept showing up!

What an epic 46 days on so many levels. Nedd set out with the mission to run from Cottesloe Beach W.A to Bondi Beach NSW nearly 4000 kms to raise awareness and a goal of $1M dollars for charity We Are Mobilise. 46 days 12 hours later and he's home in Bondi having raised $1.8M dollars an insane amount of awareness for homelessness and inspired half of Australia that we can do & be more!

Nedd's on the road team were there every step of the way!

500 Blue Dinosaur Bars

Blue Dinosaur originally contacted Nedd's management about another athlete we were looking to align with, after hearing our brand story they were like "you should take a look at Nedd Brockmann, he's running from WA to Bondi". With about .5 seconds of hesitation we were onboard to support Nedd every way we could on his unfathomable RUN across Australia. Did Nedd eat 500 Blue Dinosaur Bars? We haven't got the final tally, but that's how many we loaded up the Winnebago Van with that his support crew drove.

For those that were following along every day on Instagram (how epic was it!!) for those who weren't, you have 40 something insane posts to scroll through with mental images from Bradley Farley & inspiring caption like the one below from Nedd-
I’m really not sure how I got to raise the bat today. Another century 🏏. It was all a blur really. At 4:50 am I was trotting down the main drag of Wagga, after 20 km it was pissing down rain with ferocious headwinds and it was just a dead set battle alllll day. Got thrown around so bad by the wind. My little stick figure just can’t handle it. All of a sudden I hit 90km and BOOM WE DONE. Crazy how running 100km a day almost becomes second nature. That was up there with one of the hardest days, I have to admit. 900+ metres elevation aswell. Which is a shit tonne when you haven’t climbed over 100 metres of the last 1000km 😂

Said to Brad today, isn’t it funny, we will be in Bondi in 4 and a half days, and I only have to run ten more marathons. How good is perspective. Anywho, keen for tomorrow. Lots of hills and fingers crossed the wind is a bit harder and more in my face ya know. BRING IT ON

Song of the day - “Donald trump” - Mac Miller

Quote of the day - “Lessssggooooo, get a dog upya neddd”

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

The Finish Line

For those that could show up at Bondi on Monday night, wow what a scene & celebration. 10 thousand odd humans packed onto the promenade at North Bondi to catch a glimpse of the man with a mullet who'd inspired so many of us over the past weeks to have a crack. The picture below by Matt Dunbar gives you tingles, and shows the support Nedd had and the movement he'd created. 
From Blue Dinosaur, Nedd, thank you for the opportunity to support you on the most inspiring journey we've ever witnessed, it's people like you who shift the culture in positive ways and create the change needed in this crazy world! We cannot wait to see where you go from here!

Nedd Brockmann x Blue Dinosaur


We are going to miss seeing this head on Instagram every day!

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