NEW Cinnamon Scroll Snack Bar

New Cinnamon Scroll Snack Bar Now Available In Woolworths

The result of overwhelming demand, our once Limited Edition ‘Cinnamon Scroll’ Bar will now become a full-time part of the Blue Dinosaur family as a 45g Snack Bar & available in all Woolworths Stores across Australia
Initially our Cinnamon Scroll was offered as one of three Limited Edition bars which made up our ‘Pocket Pastries’ range. The Cinnamon Scroll was a runaway success and we have been inundated with requests for its return since the day we took it offline. 

Made With 6 Plant Based Ingredients

Made on a smokey, warm base of roast cashew butter combined with the sweet caramel of dates and a truck load of cinnamon; golden raisins and organic coconut sugar are pressed on top to recreate the infamous taste of a Cinnamon Scroll.

Hand-Baked, Plant Based, Grain Free

The Cinnamon Scroll Bar joins our famous Lamington Bar, Banana Bread Bar & the newly 45g Cheesecake Base Bar on the shelves of Woolworths Stores across Australia. 
*The Cinnamon Scroll & Cheesecake Base Bar's will be available at at as well as your favourite Health Food Stores from May 25th.