...a bold and slightly confusing claim to hang our hats on, but it's why we're (better) different to the rest. In its most simple form; Hand = made by hand in our gluten free bakeries. Baked = when we're finished blending, rolling & pressing the ingredients we stick the trays in the oven and bake them like you would a croissant. 

We believe in simple real food ingredients & would never take the shortcut of adding "natural flavours" (laboratory made flavour additive - worth a google), preservatives or binders, when you can use seasonal whole food ingredients that deliver not only the macros but the flavour & taste when you manufacture every product with care and a hand-baked process!

It's been a decade since the first Blue Dinosaur Bar rolled out the door of the spare bedroom & onto the counter at a local CrossFit Box in Sydney's burbs.
The Cinnamon Scroll Bar joins our famous Lamington Bar, Banana Bread Bar & the newly 45g Cheesecake Base Bar on the shelves of Woolworths Stores across Australia.
We’ve written our Lamington recipe below so you can have a go at making some warm, soft and healthy lamingtons in your own kitchen!
Being health conscious and making better choices in the “google it” age seems like it should be a breeze. We have endless resources and information in the palm of our hands (when we’re not aimlessly scrolling through instagram), but at a time where there is as much noise as there are choices in the “health food” aisle, we don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed or let down.

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