Blakes World Record Attempt

In the wake of a life-altering coward punch that left Blake Manwarring determined to turn tragedy into triumph, he now faces the daunting challenge of shattering the world record for the most consecutive indoor triathlons, a relentless pursuit fuelled by resilience, redemption, and an unyielding spirit to inspire.

Read below as we dive into the inspiration and preparation for a challenge like this, as well as hear about Blake's amazing story.Β 

  1. Tell us more about the world record attempt. What motivated you to pursue the record for Most Consecutive Days of completing an Indoor Triathlon?

    I really want to do my best in motivating people for positive habitual lifestyle changes. Running ultimately saved my life and I wanted to be an example of pushing my ability in the hope if people see it they are motivated to pick themselves up and make positive changes as well. I want to also be the best role model for my son, by me doing this I want him to grow up knowing he can achieve anything he puts his mind to.

  2. Can you share more about your personal journey, particularly the 2012 incident and its impact on you?

    In 2012 I was cowardly assaulted and kicked in the head resulting in significant injuries. Both physically and mentally. Now that I am a father I have reflected on the the impact the incident would have had on my family and smaller network. After working extremely hard on myself to battle some internal demons, I want to be that role model for all victims of a coward punch assault that through hard work and self-reflection you can overcome these challenges and be the true version of yourself that you are meant to be. To cope during some of the harder times and particularly covid, I created "Matesrun", a virtual run club and community, where no matter where you are in the world you can still connect and run together.

  3. Tell us about your previous fundraising efforts, such as the 100km run from Burleigh Hill to the Gabba Stadium in 2023. How did this contribute to raising awareness about the Coward Punch?

    In July 2023 I ran from Burleigh Hill on the Gold coast to the Gabba Stadium in Brisbane (100km run) to coincide with the Brisbane Lions v West Coast Eagles came to which was dubbed as the Coward Punch Game - It took me just under 19hrs and finished inside the Gabba to which I was greeted by my family, Brisbane Lions management and games day sponsors. I was invited to speak with Danny Green addressing the crowd at halftime about my personal journey and the run. In all I raised $3,500 - All for aid and awareness surrounding the Coward Punch.

  4. How has Blue Dinosaur supplements and products played a role in your training, and why do you consider them essential for your fuel consumption during the 80-day attempt?

    Blue Dinosaur's products are essential fuel to my everyday. Filled with all natural ingredients, it is the best supplement I have come across that does not play up with my gut and gives me the energy I need during, assists with recovery and tastes bloody delicious.

  5. How has your training been for this upcoming challenge?

    Considering I am not a paid athlete, I feel unreal. Body is ready (dad bod is ready) and the training has been on point. Putting in the right amount of hours without overdoing it and risking injury. I have done over 10 Sprint triathlons this year to warm up for this.

  6. Are there any specific strategies or techniques you've incorporated to avoid burnout and injuries during the 80-day period of intense physical activity?

    Developing a routine that allows me to still commit to my profession and home life. Having fun with this as well. Last year I was so worried about raising money more than the 100km run and it set me up to almost fail. This time I am wanting to enjoy the process and journey without the stress of watching the money rise. Whilst still raising much needed awareness for mental health and how fitness assists with feeling better.

  7. Of course, we have to ask what is your favourite Blue Dinosaur bar?

    Love the choccy protein bars. The gooey chewy taste from the dates inside leave me wanting more. The tropical protein water is also a must.

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